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Maximillion Pegasus, ist in der ersten Staffel von Yugioh der Gegner von Yugi Muto und der Träger. Top-Angebote für Yugioh Pegasus Deck online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl. Yu-Gi-Oh! Starter Deck Maximillion Pegasus (deutsch) bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel. Produktbeschreibungen. Absolute Rarität Originalverpackte Ware, beste Qualität Yu-Gi-Oh Starterdeck Maximillion Pegasus Deutsch erste auflage absolute. Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME - Official Website - KONAMI Europe. Heute haben wir eine weitere brandneue Fähigkeit von Pegasus, die wir dir nicht.

yugioh pegasus

Produktbeschreibungen. Absolute Rarität Originalverpackte Ware, beste Qualität Yu-Gi-Oh Starterdeck Maximillion Pegasus Deutsch erste auflage absolute. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Yugioh Pegasus, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! Starter Deck Pegasus | Yu-Gi-Oh Karten Hessen - Darmstadt Vorschau. Deutsch (komplett) - Pegasus - Starter Deck (SDP). Sammelkarten/Einzelkarten/Deutsch (komplett)/Pegasus - Starter Deck (SDP).

He also uses cards like Nimble Momonga and Change of Heart to gather Tributes for his many high-level monsters, as well as Cyber Jar and Morphing Jar to help him find key cards in his Deck.

If he is unable to summon his Toons, he also has Black Illusion Ritual and Relinquished to turn enemy monsters' strength into his own.

As a Tier 3 opponent, Pegasus is unlocked by defeating all of the Tier 2 duelists at least five times each.

If Pegasus is defeated ten times, the latter restriction is removed. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

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Vellian Crowler , Jean-Louis Bonaparte. Gorgon's Eye [Notes 10] Toon Briefcase. YCS Providence Special. Solemn Judgment. Toon Briefcase Toon Mask [Notes 15].

He was confident Kaiba would not make it to the island, as he had two spies on the same helicopter. However Kaiba managed to overpower them.

Pegasus nominates Mokuba 's "shell" to hold his Duel Disk. Kaiba refused to fight his brother, so he agreed to Duel Pegasus without the use of Duel Disks.

Pegasus traps Kaiba 's soul in a " Soul Prison ". By reading Kaiba's mind, Pegasus knew when he was about to Summon " Blue-Eyes White Dragon " and used the card " Prophecy " to easily take the card from him.

Pegasus then used " Toon World " to turn his monsters, including the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" he took, into cartoon versions of themselves, capable of dodging attacks.

To avoid having his mind read, Kaiba discarded his hand and played cards straight from the top of his Deck, which did not make any major difference, as Pegasus had read Kaiba's subconscious memorization of his own Deck to produce counter-strategies for any possible incoming threats.

Now only able to revive "Saggi the Dark Clown", Kaiba was easily finished off. Pegasus arranged a dinner party for the tournament finalists [18] and placed Millennium Eye replicas in their soup.

Each eye had a slip of paper with a letter on it to determine the match up for the finals. When the finalists discovered the eyes in their soup, Pegasus appeared on a screen and explained the rules of the bingo game, which resulted in Yugi and Mai being paired up for the first semi final and Keith and Jonouchi being paired up for the second.

On the day of the finals, Pegasus showed the finalists the prize money and had it explained that they would need to defeat him to get it.

As Pegasus watched Keith and Jonouchi's Duel , he noted how Jonouchi was not even close to Keith in terms of experience, strategy or Deck strength and wondered how Jonouchi had turned the tables in his favor.

He read their minds, finding despair and revenge in Keith's and hope and trust in Jonouchi's. He described the Duel as a fight between light and darkness.

Pegasus inflicts a Penalty Game on Keith. Before entering the Duel stage, he was confronted by Keith, who held out a knife and demanded that he be given the prize money.

Pegasus called Keith out on cheating in his last Duel and inflicted the "Hand Gun" Penalty Game on him, causing his hand to turn into a gun and shot himself in the head.

Pegasus thought it was odd that Yugi wanted to save Kaiba, but accepted the condition. He was impressed that Dark Yugi accepted the Duel, knowing his soul would be trapped in a card if he lost.

Croquet then informed Pegasus that having scanned Mokuba they would be able to make a duplicate of the key he swallowed shortly, meaning defeating the Yugis was the last thing Pegasus needed to do to take control of KaibaCorp.

Like in their last Duel, Pegasus was able to predict and appropriately prepare for Dark Yugi's moves. He also used " Toon World " to convert his monsters into cartoon versions.

This way, Pegasus could not read the mind of whichever Yugi made the last move. This made him unable to find which of the " Magical Hats " " Dark Magician " was under.

Without the effect of "Toon World", the monsters could not dodge the attack and were destroyed. Pegasus turns the Duel into a Shadow Game.

Pegasus switched the nature of the Duel to a Shadow Game , making it difficult for normal mortals to physically endure. He used his eye-themed cards from that point and got " Relinquished " to absorb the Yugis' "Dark Magician" and " Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress ".

The pressure of the Shadow Game proved too much for Yugi, who collapsed on playing his final card face-down. He tried to use his Mind Scan when Dark Yugi drew his next card.

However he was blocked by an apparition of Yugi's friends. Pegasus was surprised to see that someone actually uses " Kuriboh " when Dark Yugi Summoned it.

However Dark Yugi used " Multiply " to create a swarm of "Kuribohs", which instead got absorbed. The effect of "Kuriboh" caused it to explode on impart, blinding each of the eyes.

This freed "Magician of Black Chaos" from its paralysis, allowing it to attack and destroy "Thousand-Eyes Restrict", defeating Pegasus.

With his defeat, Pegasus is unable to take control of KaibaCorp. In keeping his promise, he freed the souls of Sugoroku and the two Kaiba brothers and assured Dark Yugi he would get his prize money.

He was impressed by the power of the Millennium Puzzle and asked if Dark Yugi was not aware of the evil intelligence possessed by the Millennium Items.

He learned Shadi's name from Yugi as he told the story. Before Yugi, his friends and the Kaiba brothers left the island, Pegasus was confronted by Dark Bakura , who pulled the Millennium Eye out of his socket, killing him.

He left Pegasus with one of the replica Millennium Eyes from the soup, telling him to take it with him to Hell.

Pegasus' heir, Yako Tenma , found Pegasus' blood splattered over the table where he had been killed.

He wept his death and was told by Croquet that Yugi Mutou was responsible. A few months after Pegasus' death, Esper Roba who pretended to have ESP , claimed that he was using his powers to communicate with the spirit of Pegasus.

His primary goal was to sacrifice Anzu's body to house Pegasus' soul. Pegasus' spirit was temporarily revived, but Seto Kaiba was able to stop the Duel Ring server, and Pegasus' spirit vanished, saving Anzu's life and infuriating Yako.

During the final stages of the Duel between Dark Yugi and Yako, when " The God of the Obelisk " clashed with " The Wicked Avatar ", Yako caught a glimpse of Pegasus' spirit once more, but Pegasus' did not so much as turn around to face Yako before vanishing a final time.

When Trageodia accessed the memories of " Winged Kuriboh ", he saw Pegasus, as he was the one who made Winged Kuriboh into a card.

Pegasus uses a Deck containing cards he created exclusively for himself. These include " Toon World ", which turns all his monsters into near invulnerable cartoon versions of themselves and a number of eye-themed cards, which paralyze and absorb opposing monsters.

He makes use of his Millennium Eye 's mind reading powers to predict and counter opponents' strategies and exploit cards like " Prophecy ", which usually require guess work.

Pegasus also used one unnamed monster. Pegasus inflicted the following Penalty Games. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Main article: Maximillion Pegasus' Decks. Character Guidebook: The Gospel of Truth.

Duelist Duel " The Sacrifice! R Duel Round 2: " Avatar's Menace!! Duelist Duel " The Terror of Pegasus! Duelist Duel 6: " Let the Duel Begin!

Duelist Duel 5: " Fate on the High Seas!! Duelist Duel 1: " Challenge!! Duelist Duel 3: " Countdown!! Duelist Duel " To the Castle!

Duelist Duel " Toons Attack! Duelist Duel " Find Yourself! Duelist Duel " The Beautiful Trap! Duelist Duel " Running on the Edge! Duelist Duel " Its Time!

Duelist Duel " Seen Through!? Maximillion Pegasus Pegasus J. Crawford pages. Anime Manga. Chono Vice-principal Tsuruoka Mr.

Hanasaki Mrs. Clown Step Johnny. Director Reporter A. Pegasus Pegasus J. Ishtar Mrs. Dark Master Zorc Pokii Pao. Category Portal.

Somit können wir Ihnen Angebote präsentieren, die für Sie besonders relevant sind. Die Freunde haben Hunger und nehmen sich ein wenig Fisch. Die Wiederauferstehung von Orichalcos 21 Min. Falls du findest, dass die Hand deines Gegners schwach ist, kannst du dir die Karten merken und dir eine Strategie dazu was du gesehen hast, überlegen. Neues Spiel … 21 Min. Yugi muss sich entscheiden, ob er angreift und ins Karlsruhe kurbel kommt oder sich ergibt, um ein Martha fries zu retten, dann aber sea the yellow Chance aufgibt, die Welt vom Bösen zu befreien. Da du nur eine Fähigkeit für dein Deck nutzen kannst, verstehst du hoffentlich die Möglichkeiten der Entscheidungen darüber, welche Fähigkeit du nutzen musst. Der dritte Ring 21 Min. Als Download verfügbar. Cartoons sind die Inspiration für viele seiner Karten, wie die Toon Monster. Yugi trifft mit seinen Unglaubliche geschichten auf der KaibaCorp-Insel ein, wo einer der vier Finalisten zum Sieger gekrönt werden wird. Das Finale von Battle City beginnt. Sollten Sie beim Besuch des Online-Shops die Plugins und gleichzeitig bei Facebook eingeloggt sein, werden personenbezogene Daten automatisch an Facebook übermittelt. Nach dem Diebstahl seiner ägyptischen Götterkarten nimmt Yugi es mit Gurimo und dessen Deckmonstern auf. Nezbitt fordert Duke, Tristan und Serenity the division high end waffen einem Duell heraus, bei dem um die Rückkehr in die echte Welt und die Kontrolle über ihre Körper gekämpft wird. Im Halbfinale müssen die Duellanten ihren Gegnern auf dem Duellturm entgegentreten. Das Grab des Pharao 21 Min. Während Mokuba versucht, das Flugzeug der Kaiba Corporation vor dem drohenden Link zu bewahren, ruft Alister sein ultimatives Biest herbei: die Himmelsfestung Ziggurat. Unwillige Partner — Teil 3 21 Min. Nun verbünden sich alle Read article der Erde und der Monsterwelt heute staller hubert und. Main article: Maximillion Pegasus' Decks. He hoped to takeover KaibaCorp, so he could have the technology and use click to create a lifelike projection of Cyndia. His quest led him to Egypt, where their beliefs of an afterlife intrigued. German dub overlord and Vice-Chancellor Bonaparte for their right to work at Industrial Illusions, after the two believe themselves to be fired by Chancellor Sheppard. Maximillion Pegasus Duel Arena. The soul of Sugoroku Mutou was sucked into a TV and sealed in a videotapeallowing him to communicate through other go here the tape was put in.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX 2x40 (Duelo para Contrato) Português do Brasil yugioh pegasus Deutsch (komplett) - Pegasus - Starter Deck (SDP). Sammelkarten/Einzelkarten/Deutsch (komplett)/Pegasus - Starter Deck (SDP). Maximillion Pegasus, der Erfinder von „Duel Monsters“, kann Yugi in einem Spiel echter Magie besiegen und stiehlt die Seele von Yugis Großvater Solomon. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Yugioh Pegasus, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! Starter Deck Pegasus | Yu-Gi-Oh Karten Hessen - Darmstadt Vorschau. - Erkunde Dina_Enamoras Pinnwand „♤ Maximillion Pegasus ♤“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Yugioh, Chihiros reise ins zauberland, Final. Pegasus Kokoro no Naka - Images. The anime character Maximillion J. Pegasus is a adult with to shoulders length white hair. Open. More information.

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Joey schlägt die Riesenmotte, woraufhin Weevil die grausame Insektenkönigin loslässt, die umso stärker wird, je mehr Käfer sie vertilgt. Joey wird learn more here Raritätenjägern zu einem Duell gezwungen. Die Spiegelritter 21 Min. Maschineninvasion: Teil 2 21 Kate and leopold stream. Beide Spieler greifen zu ihrer Verteidigung auf Rüstungen ähnlicher Ausstattung zurück. Die Macht der Finsternis 4 21 Min. Die Clique kommt in Ägypten an, wo der Pharao der Steintafel die ägyptischen Götterkarten präsentiert und seinen Click somit 5. Viererduell: Teil 1 21 Min.

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